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If they have not been appropriately trained, then the system is to blame.

As an Education Assistant (EA) of 24 years, I think standards of practice for Education Assistants are crucial for a variety of reasons. The first and most obvious reason is the students. The students that are being supported by EAs across the province deserve to be supported appropriately. They deserve, and are entitled to, their […]

Two week EA training programs: are they what our children deserve?

In B.C. like much of the world, education assistants (EAs) perform a multitude of tasks during their workday and with increasing regularity are in “direct pedagogical roles” supporting students in classrooms and schools. There are currently ~13,000 EAs in B.C., with pre- Covid plans to hire an additional 1,000, making them the second largest educational […]

Reducing Qualifications is Not a Remedy to the EA shortage

I am a public post-secondary instructor providing preservice training to Education Assistants (EAs) through a blended model that attracts students from all parts of Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, and sometimes beyond. This program includes 10 courses that are university transferable. Students complete Practica in K-12 schools and for the most part work in those […]