Education Assistants play a critical role in facilitating inclusion and education for students with disabilities and it is essential that EAs be well equipped with thorough and high, quality education and training. In British Columbia, training ranges from 2 weeks to 2 years and when faced with EA shortages, school districts may even hire people with no specific training to fulfil this critical role.

Standards are commonplace in BC. Early childhood educators, teachers, nurses, health care assistants, fitness instructors, and nail technicians have them. Work that is required of a person that impacts the wellbeing of others and that involves potential risk to themselves, has standards of practice, that is, except for Education Assistants.

There is general agreement that there is a need for standards of practice for education assistants, but we need to hear from you, the people doing the work. This survey will be a valuable contribution to the conversation and provides an opportunity for you and other EA’s to get involved.

Note: A common question we receive is ‘I’m already an EA, how will this affect my job?’ We believe current education assistants would be legacied in their positions. For more information, please review our FAQ.

Your participation in this survey plays an important part of the consultative process with Education Assistants from around the Province. It may take approximately 5 – 10 minutes to complete this confidential survey. Thank you for your time and your feedback.

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